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10 August

Onion Farmer Advocates for Others in his Field


What would motivate an Orange County fourth-generation onion farmer who loves the soil to interrupt his vocation to seek bachelor’s and master’s degrees in broadcasting and film studies?

Christopher Pawelski of Pawelski Farms in Florida decided to exercise his extraordinary skill in communications on behalf of other farmers, appearing in the state and national capitals to promote legislation on issues such as disaster relief and crop insurance.

9 August

Don’t Let Your Children Grow Up to Be Farmers

BY BREN SMITH,, SundayReview

At a farm-to-table dinner recently, I sat huddled in a corner with some other farmers, out of earshot of the foodies happily eating kale and freshly shucked oysters. We were comparing business models and profit margins, and it quickly became clear that all of us were working in the red.

The dirty secret of the food movement is that the much-celebrated small-scale farmer isn’t making a living.

2 July

Food Waste Reduction Could Help Feed World's Starving

BY CAROLINE HEPKER, BBC World Business Report- —

"If food was as expensive as a Ferrari, we would polish it and look after it."

Instead, we waste staggering amounts.

So says Professor Per Pinstrup-Andersen, head of an independent panel of experts advising the UN's Food and Agricultural Organization on how to tackle the problem.

Some 40% of all the food produced in the United States is never eaten. In Europe, we throw away 100 million tonnes of food every year.

And yet there are one billion starving people in the world.

The FAO's best guess is that one third of all food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted before it is eaten.

26 May

SBDC Business Forum: Disaster Grants Program Helps Small Businesses

BY ARNALDO SEHWERERT, — Hudson Valley— The NY Rising Program was set up by the state with funds secured by our congressional delegation in order to help small businesses and farmers affected by storms Irene, Lee and Sandy.

Grant process takes diligence

Just last month, I was present at the grant closing of one of the most interesting clients I've had the pleasure of working with. The name is Pawelski Farms, a fourth generation black dirt onion farm owned by Chris and Eve Pawelski. Needless to say, a grant closing event is joyful by nature. What made this one different is the exceptional learning opportunity into the nature and gory details of a farmer's business life that, I am sure, tends to elude most of us business experts.

18 Apr

Secretary’s Column: Farm Bill Supports Specialty Crop Growers, Improves Access to Healthy Food

BY TOM VILSACK, Agriculture Secretary — The 2014 Farm Bill has already set in motion and accomplished so much for our country. With historic support for specialty crop producers across the country, the bill will touch every one of our lives through one of the most basic of human needs: food.

Specialty crops make up the bulk of what we eat—all of our fruits and vegetables, tree nuts and dried fruits—as well as things like cut flowers and nursery crops. They are half of MyPlate at every meal, and the daily source for most of our vitamins and nutrients. For many in rural America, these crops not only provide nutrition, they are also a primary source of income.

24 Dec

Immigration Reform: Pessimism And Optimism Alike On Prospects For 2014

BY ELIZABETH LLORENTE, Fox News Latino — At first, it seemed 2007 was going to be the year marking the first time in a generation that the country was poised to systematically overhaul its national immigration system. But the effort went down in flames. Then it was widely expected that this year all stars were aligned.

Again, no dice.

So will immigration reform finally take place in 2014?




3 Jul

The Big Deal About the Farm Bill: What It Means to Us

BY CHRIS PAWELSKI, Goshen Independent — Goshen — Many people wonder what the Farm Bill is. Well, the Farm Bill is the overarching legislation passed normalled every five years that sets federal agricultural policy and spending.

A few facts:
Total U.S. Department of Agriculture spending each year is approximately $144 billion (Out of a total annual federal budget of $3.7 trillion, USDA represents roughly 3.9 percent of federal spending.

6 Jun

Black Dirt Onion Farmer Pawelski Honored for his Advocacy

Mid Hudson News — Pine Island — Black dirt onion farmer Christopher Pawelski was honored Thursday by state Assemblywoman Annie Rabbitt for his agricultural advocacy.

Pawelski along with his wife, Eve, have been recommended by the state to have a few words put into the history books in resolutions on behalf of Pine Island.

4 Apr

Chris Pawelski Stirs the Muck

BY GINNY PRIVITAR, The Chronicle — Goshen — Chris Pawelski, a fourth-generation Orange County onion farmer, once offered a bag of onions for sale on eBay for $150,000. He didn't get any buyers. But his stunt was picked up by other news outlets and drew attention to the need for an adhoc crop loss program for the Eastern Seaboard after Hurricane Irene leveled crops.

It focused attention on the plight of farmers like himself, caught between the havoc wreaked by weather and the sometimes bewildering agricultural policies of the government.