Farmroot Issues

Agricultural & Nutrition Programs

Farm-to-Food Pantry Block Grant Program

Farmroot has introduced an exciting new proposal for a program that would partner specialty crop producers with food banks, food recovery programs and food pantries. This program would deliver fresh quality produce directly from the farmer to organizations that serve the food insecure. This new block grant program would be administered by states to qualifying food banks, food recovery programs and food pantries. Grant recipients would be required to purchase fresh produce directly from farmers rather than via re-packers or at terminal markets. This new proposed program (which is already being done by some food recovery organizations through private donations) would further strengthen the ties between the agricultural and nutrition titles of the Farm Bill.

Price Transparency Intermediate Fresh Produce Sales

Increased Access To Affordable & Fresh Food, Horticulture Products

There is a vital need to increase the transparency of intermediate sales of fresh produce. Specifically, there is a need for transparency in the price paid to the specialty crop farmers for the raw product as opposed to the price paid by wholesalers to grower-shipper. Intermediate specialty crop sales are sales made from the farmer to a grower-shipper, wholesaler, broker, distributor, or processor who subsequently sells to retail outlets. To ensure transparency, all signed tickets/receipts for each and every specialty crop delivery should be immediately scanned, electronically uploaded and made available for inspection on the internet. This is nothing new. It is a fair and accepted business practice throughout the agro economy.

National Directory of Fresh Produce Wholesalers for Farmers

Information To Drive Competition

To increase competition and access to affordable fresh produce, specialty crop farmers have an immediate for a nationwide electronic directory of fresh produce wholesalers, produce re-packers and wholesale outlets, by commodity and region. The directory would empower specialty crop growers by providing more information and options to sell specialty crop products so they can reach consumers quickly and competitively priced.

Immigration Reform

Legal & Reliable Work Force

Specialty crops are often labor intensive in how they are planted, cared for, and harvested. To remain competitive and provide a consistent, quality product farmers need access to a reliable, skilled labor force. Farmroot is dedicated to working with all parties to develop legislation, policy and regulations that take into consideration the realities of producing specialty crops while respecting the needs of farmworkers.

Applied Scientific Research

Increased Funding For Applied Scientific Research To Address Challenges Impacting Specialty Crops

Applied scientific research is the key for improvement in yields and in dealing with various pests that target specialty crops. More funding must be applied for this endeavor on both the state and federal level. Researchers and scientists at the various land grant universities need adequate, consistent funding to develop effective tools to deal with the various challenges facing farmers in the fields, from improved varieties that can better handle the vagaries of a changing climate and erratic weather patterns to research and development for "safer" or more environmentally friendly materials to deal with both new and old pests. Farmroot supports a variety specialty crop funding methodologies and consistently emphasizes their value and importance.

Rural Program Services

Maintaining Farmworker & Rural Safety Net

The men and women who work on our farms are a community that requires special programs and services. The federal government, as well as many state governments, provide a number of resources and services specially targeted for this workforce. These programs include daycare centers, healthcare clinics and various migrant education programs. Continued if not increased support is vital to maintain the vitally of the specialty crop farming sector. Farmroot strongly believes in the support of these programs and various service providers.

Risk Management

Access To Affordable, Reliable & Effective Insurance

Every farmer has known a sleepless night wondering what will be left in the field after a storm rolls through. Well-designed risk management tools can help mitigate a farmer's anxiety. There are ways to address and reform these policies that provide both better insurance coverage for farmers at less cost to the American Taxpayer.

Farmroot has studied this issue for over a decade and has helped refine existing risk management tools. Farmroot is dedicated to identifying products and innovative programs tailored to the unique needs of specialty crops.