Advocating for America's Specialty Crop Family Farms

"Safe, abundant and sustainable produce today & tomorrow"

Specialty crop farms produce the healthy fruits, nuts and vegetables, we all find in the produce section of our grocery store and local farm markets. Health experts around the globe agree - half a plate of fruits and vegetables is what it takes for better health. Specialty crop farms also grow horticulture and nursery crops including flowers.

Despite clear evidence of the benefits of healthy eating, including fruits and vegetables, the reality today is that America's specialty crop farms face unique public policy obstacles that much of large commodity crop agri-businesses simply do not.

U.S. public policy needs to evolve and acknowledge the importance and value of America's specialty crop farming.

Farmroot is a broad-based organization that includes experts in specialty crop farming, health, labor, economic and environmental science as well as sustainable farming and conservation advocates.

Our mission is to increase awareness about the value of America's specialty crop farming, dispel myths, and advocate for a strong economically, socially and environmentally sustainable food supply from the United States.

If you like to eat, come root for us!